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James Shaffer(Munky)
Brian Welch(Head)
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Real name : Brian Welch
DOB : 06/19/70
Lives(d) : Torrance, California
During his school years, Brian befriended a young man called James Schaffer. With Brian being a budding guitarist, he and James would have a friendly competition with each other. Brian and James would go back and forth over each other's homes to jam.

Brian left home at the age of 17 and became employed in two jobs. During the day, Brian would deliver furniture, and at night, he would deliver pizzas. He also used to work in the L.A Recording Workshop, and would learn sound engineering, but he found it boring and left.

As time rolled by, Brian joined Ragtime, a band which were formed before L.A.P.D. Ragtime also played host to such luminaries as Fieldy and ex-L.A.P.D front-man, Richard Moral. Ragtime would later split. Fieldy and Richard Moral would later form L.A.P.D with James Schaffer joining them on guitar. Brian would often hang out with L.A.P.D. "He'd hang around and drink all our beer," James states. L.A.P.D were shortly to go on tour and the band decided that they needed a second guitarist. Enter Brian Welch. Brian and James have been playing together for more than two-thirds of their lives.

Brian currently resides in Redondo Beach, California. Where he lives with his wife, Rebecca Welch and his daughter, Jennea Marie Welch, who was born on July 6, 1998.

Brian's nickname stems from the size of his cranium. "I got a big head," He says "Go get me any hat, and it won't fit." He adds.