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John Davis
James Shaffer(Munky)
Brian Welch(Head)
Reginald Arivzu
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Reginald Arivzu

Real name : Reginald Arvizu
DOB : November 2, 1969
Lives(d):Bakersfield, California
Fieldy was already acquainted with the guitar from a very early age. His father used to play in a band with Rick Davis, Jonathan's father. So Fieldy and Jonathan were quite familiar with each other. Fieldy also used to bully Jonathan, "I'd run him down with my three-wheeler," Fieldy adds.

Fieldy's worst job included being employed as a door to door Plant Salesman. "I did good the first day, I was like 'Yeah! I got this down'. I went to my Mom's house and everybody we knew, and sold to them. The next day, I didn't sell shit. It sucked. I got fired".

Fieldy currently resides in Belmont Shores, California. A Californian suburb which is located 60 miles west of LA.

Fieldy is also the mastermind behind each and every piece of Korn merchandise "All the merchandise you see, that's all me". He states. "I think everybody could do it. I think everybody's just lazy. So I end up being the one that does it all. I come up with a bunch of designs, show them to the band. They either approve or disapprove".

May 1998, Fieldy married his girlfriend, Shela. They have three daughters, Serena, who was born on September 30 1997 and in December 98' Shela gave birth to Olivia.

Fieldy's namesake stems from his cheeks! "When I was younger, I had these fucking chipmunk cheeks, right... so they called me 'Gopher', and then it became 'Garf'. Then they started callin' me 'Garfield'. Then it became 'Fieldy'."